Kar Dok | Personal Review selection

I just want to say I was driving (or should I say crawling) down Finchley Road the other week. It was time if the roadworks at Swiss Cottage with bumper-to-bumper traffic. Suddenly, my Lexus started to overheat. As luck would have it, I was passing the Kar-Dok entrance. I took the opportunity to pop into the garage with steam pouring out of the engine. Reggie the mechanic was there, working on another car. My eyes pleaded with him to help. He popped the bonnet. The smiled. A wire had fallen on the thermostat. He replaced the wire – the car was a good as new. Let me just say – from now on Kar Dok is he only garage for me. They will get mine, my wife’s and my kids’ business.

Rick Mansfield | London NW3

During the lock down, I was not using my VW Polo. It was standing idle for months on end. I mentioned this to Kar Dok. They knew the car well as they serviced it. We agreed a price there and then and they money was in my bank account within 30 minutes. That’s what I call a service.

Susan Wray | London W9

I had a rather ancient Audi A2. I was in love with the car. Kar Dok kept it on the Road for me, for years.

Raymond Vale | London NW2

Suddenly, my Toyota Previa started may a noise like a tractor. I took it to Kar Dok. They checked the car for me and explained “I am sorry to say a thief has stolen your catalytic converter” This. Apparently, is quite common. Kar Dok were marvellous, they called my insurers for me. I was back on the road in a day. Now that’s what I call service.

Stephanie Smith | London NW6

I have always had my cars serviced by Kar Dok. My cars never give me any problems because of the excellent servicing they receive. Regular servicing is, I understand, the way to avert bigger issues.

Michael Draper | London NW1